New Girl!

Sunday of this week was a lovely day. Not too warm. I spent most of the day sitting on my sun porch, reading the NYT, knitting, playing Words With Friends. Lizards frolicked in my trees and on my patio.

I was enjoying the feeling of my ass on my chair when my phone rang. A number I didn’t know. Huh. I answered.

“Hi, this is Mouse. You’re going to want to clear your calendar for the next month. You made TXRD New Girl!”

I managed not to shriek, tho Mr. Fab figured out pretty quick that something big was up. I’d tried out the day before with no expectations – I was doing it for the experience. But it went surprisingly well for me. I performed every skill – some better than others – and did it in a respectable time. 

So. I’m a New Girl. I’m not sure what to expect next – I’ll find out more this week – but I’m not scared. I’m glad that, even at my age, I can still be tickled and excited by things that happen in my life. 

I’m eager to see what I can do.

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