Making plans for Nigel


Nigel the Mini

One last reminder of Colorado is gone from my life. Last week I traded in Uschi, my 2001 Beetle, for Nigel, a 2011 Mini Cooper S. Uschi and I had been through a lot together over seven years, but she was starting to nickel and dime me. So once the condo was sold and the debts paid off, I made plans for Nigel. He’s zippy. Like driving a go-kart. And so tiny! I’ve never had a car with more than 2 doors, but even by those standards Nigel is tiny.

There are some advantages to his size. Though the trunk is wee, it’s ideally shaped for packages from Costco. It’s also just the right width for our bowling balls and for my roller derby gear.

It’s a weird, weird feeling, not owing many people money. It’s GOOD, for sure, but weird. I feel lighter, like my shoulders are a little straighter. And that is nice. I need to remember how much the past four years sucked as I chipped away at that debt. A car loan isn’t a bad thing – especially not with the awesome interest rate I got – but I need to trust myself not to get in over my head again. Baby steps.


When I looked up, it was June

Holy time passage, Batman! Wasn’t it just January?

S'klallam cultural center

As far as my Texas life goes, not much is different. Still enjoying my new(ish) job, skating in primer (no assessment til later this month), still married 😉 Tim and I have joined a Wednesday night bowling league, which is fun. I’m not nearly as good as he is, and I’ve been fighting elbow tendinitis for the past few months, but it’s still good times. That tendinitis has slowed my knitting, too. I’ve been working on the same sweater since January.

One of the last vestiges of my Colorado life is no longer part of my life – the condo finally sold. We closed last week, and for the first time since…well, since forever ago, I don’t owe anyone any money. It’s a good feeling to no longer have that property to worry about, and an even better feeling to be debt-free. But it’s also a bit bittersweet. On some level, I always thought I’d move back to Colorado, and to that condo, specifically.

Ahead for the summer? One last wedding – we’ve been to 4 already this year. Baseball games, probably some bbq and beer, and maybe a new(er) car. Also, I hope, an assessment up to C. My crossovers are much improved. I’m sturdier on my skates. Fingers are crossed.