Something new

Me on the ice!

Me on the ice, Texas Stars game 3/2/13!

Big changes in Fab land. I’ve taken a new job – something that happened so quickly I still can’t quite believe it. I’ve been looking for months for an opportunity that is better suited to my talents and will allow me to focus on fewer things – something that will really be beneficial when Tim’s done with school and we’re realdy (maybe) to move elsewhere.

My new focus will be marketing communications. I start the 25th. It was a whirlwind – less than a week between application and hire. Eek!

At the same time, the deal on my condo has fallen through (boo). I have to admit, I was sort of expecting it. So while there’s still disappointment, I’m not really upset. Here’s hoping we can find someone willing to pay full price!

Derby is still going well. I’ve volunteered a couple of times in the past two weeks on different events – held a sign at a parking lot demo we did at a Texas Stars hockey game, then helped track penalties at a Rec League scrimmage – and had a good heck of a time doing it.

Less pleasant (still) is the tendon/ligament trouble I’m having in my right arm. I finally caved in and got a cortisone shot today. With a flight to Denver coming on Friday, I really needed to get the pain under control. A flight with no knitting? No can do.

I’m excited to go home and see my folks this weekend…even if there’s no closing to attend after all.

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