Time to kick it up a notch


So I’ve been skating twice a week every week since Jan. 20. It’s going pretty well. I’m getting slightly faster and staying on my feet pretty well. But twice a week might not be cutting it.

This past Sunday at practice, we had evaluations – if you thought you were ready to go up a classification. I didn’t even think about trying to do that. I’m, well, slow. Still a bit clunky. Not quite where I think I need to be to have a chance of getting to Group C. I can stomp around the house in my skates all I want, but that won’t make me a better skater.

There’s a speed skating group that meets at the local rink a few times a week. Lots of rollergirls go – it’s highly recommended by our coaches – so I think I’ll try it out. I want to work on my footwork, my technique, my footing overall.

I’m getting closer to where I want to be – able to turn from forward skating to backward, able to fall on my knees and pop up fast, able to T-stop (able to stop at all, really).

Maybe I’m taking this all too seriously. I’m thinking about bailing on Mardi Gras celebrations to go skating tomorrow night.

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