After practice No. 5

I cook on skates.

I cook on skates.

Times fallen (today): 1. Times fallen (overall): 3. That averages out to something like one fall per three hours on skates. One of these days, I’ll fear it less. Falling, that is. I need to fall more often so I can get practice getting back up. But falling hurts when you’re 35 (a lot more than it did when I was 8, the last time i skated so often on quads). It’s a lot farther to the ground. And there’s a lot more of me.

But I can tell I’m getting better. My balance is improving (thanks, yoga!). My flexibility is slooowly getting better. So while I’m not ready to try to test of primer group just yet, I think I might be able to by the end of this initial session. Here’s hopin’!

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