One thing I love


One of the most difficult things for me about living in Texas for the past 6 years is the lack of winter. I’m from Colorado. Cold, snow, clouds, wind … these things all are programmed into me as being possible – if not normal – for the months from September to, well, May. Here, it’s a sort of opposite – summer lasts from April to October (roughly; we used the air conditioning into December in 2012).

I love winter. Snowboarding, shoveling, making snowballs. Hockey. The lockout SUCKED this year! I was so impatient for things to start again. We were lucky to get the free trial of the Center Ice package over the past couple of weeks so I could dive right back into watching as much hockey as I could stand. That trial expired today, so I decided to pay for the streaming option. Now I can watch on the TV (through the Xbox), or on my MacBook, iPhone and iPad.

This is not free advertising, mind you. I just love watching hockey. I love every face off, slap shot, power play (I’m NOT crazy about the Avalanche getting penalized, but it’s gotta happen every now and then, I suppose).

Colorado’s down 0-1 to Edmonton right now. C’mon, fellas. Let’s go!

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