Time to kick it up a notch


So I’ve been skating twice a week every week since Jan. 20. It’s going pretty well. I’m getting slightly faster and staying on my feet pretty well. But twice a week might not be cutting it.

This past Sunday at practice, we had evaluations – if you thought you were ready to go up a classification. I didn’t even think about trying to do that. I’m, well, slow. Still a bit clunky. Not quite where I think I need to be to have a chance of getting to Group C. I can stomp around the house in my skates all I want, but that won’t make me a better skater.

There’s a speed skating group that meets at the local rink a few times a week. Lots of rollergirls go – it’s highly recommended by our coaches – so I think I’ll try it out. I want to work on my footwork, my technique, my footing overall.

I’m getting closer to where I want to be – able to turn from forward skating to backward, able to fall on my knees and pop up fast, able to T-stop (able to stop at all, really).

Maybe I’m taking this all too seriously. I’m thinking about bailing on Mardi Gras celebrations to go skating tomorrow night.


Is it good news? Time will tell.


Paying rent AND a mortgage in two states is challenging, to say the least. Especially when there’s not a tenant helping pay that mortgage.

Back story: I’m trying to sell a condo in Colorado right now. It’s been stressful. I’ve owned it for almost 9 years now (9!). But for almost 7 of that, I’ve been in Texas. Housing bubble burst meant I couldn’t sell ’til now.

We got an offer late yesterday. It wasn’t ideal, so we countered. And even though things are looking good for acceptance, I’m still scared it won’t work.

I’m trying not to think of the benefits of selling – the main one being that I’ll just about be out of debt for the first time in years and years. Right now, the main thing I’m doing is keeping my fingers crossed.

After practice No. 5

I cook on skates.

I cook on skates.

Times fallen (today): 1. Times fallen (overall): 3. That averages out to something like one fall per three hours on skates. One of these days, I’ll fear it less. Falling, that is. I need to fall more often so I can get practice getting back up. But falling hurts when you’re 35 (a lot more than it did when I was 8, the last time i skated so often on quads). It’s a lot farther to the ground. And there’s a lot more of me.

But I can tell I’m getting better. My balance is improving (thanks, yoga!). My flexibility is slooowly getting better. So while I’m not ready to try to test of primer group just yet, I think I might be able to by the end of this initial session. Here’s hopin’!

One thing I love


One of the most difficult things for me about living in Texas for the past 6 years is the lack of winter. I’m from Colorado. Cold, snow, clouds, wind … these things all are programmed into me as being possible – if not normal – for the months from September to, well, May. Here, it’s a sort of opposite – summer lasts from April to October (roughly; we used the air conditioning into December in 2012).

I love winter. Snowboarding, shoveling, making snowballs. Hockey. The lockout SUCKED this year! I was so impatient for things to start again. We were lucky to get the free trial of the Center Ice package over the past couple of weeks so I could dive right back into watching as much hockey as I could stand. That trial expired today, so I decided to pay for the streaming option. Now I can watch on the TV (through the Xbox), or on my MacBook, iPhone and iPad.

This is not free advertising, mind you. I just love watching hockey. I love every face off, slap shot, power play (I’m NOT crazy about the Avalanche getting penalized, but it’s gotta happen every now and then, I suppose).

Colorado’s down 0-1 to Edmonton right now. C’mon, fellas. Let’s go!