On the third Sunday of January


I went skating today. Not just regular rink skating – around and around and around, ad nauseam – but rec league ROLLER DERBY skating.

So much fun. So much to learn. So many awesome folks, both those learning with me and those we learned from.

I’m not the best skater just yet. But I felt stronger after two hours than I did when we started. I got good advice on making my skates work better with my body – hours later, I’m rolling around in my kitchen, testing out the adjustments I made to my toe stoppers (thanks for the tip, SweetHurt!). I’ve re-laced them to make sure I’m not hurting my feet.

It’s been a good day. I’m sure I’ll be cursing tomorrow, when my quads are so sore I can’t get out of bed. But for now, I’m enjoying a Frambozen and feeling good about this new adventure I’ve undertaken.

Practice is twice a week. What will I learn on Thursday? I can’t wait to find out!

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